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Research and Development

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The system was so efficient that multiple duplicate systems were ordered to further increase efficiency

Arvin Meritor

Research and Development

The high demand for our complete engineering services has built our reputation as an exceptional research and development company delivering commercially viable solutions. We attract challenges from two core areas: Universities and industry. Universities approach us with cutting-edge research which, via close collaboration with industry, is then turned into a product that maximises the value to the customer. Industries approach us with a clear challenge, to find not just the best solution but the one that uses the most innovative knowledge to give them a competitive edge.

We see our research and development team as an enabler of cutting-edge technology for the benefit of industry. With a history of products launched into industries such as oil and gas, medical, and aerospace and defence, to name a few, we look forward to hearing about the next challenge you have for us.

With over 300 test, measurement and control projects delivered we have the confidence and the skill  to  meet  any  challenge  you  may  have  within  your  business.  Why  not  put  us  to  the  test? Contact us with details of your project and allow us to show you what we are capable of.