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Key Fact

The unit is fully equipped to test a full range of products without the need for adjustments

Engineered Production Line Test

TBG Solutions’ delivered system integrates seamlessly with a whole variety of hardware.



Tridonic is a leading manufacturer of lighting components, developing innovative solutions that are used worldwide in the lighting industry. The company is highly focused on customer satisfaction and quality.

The brief was to engineer a bespoke and specialised test system that could efficiently test and quality check a range of different lighting products before being sent to customers to ensure they were fully functional and of the highest quality.



The system needed to be highly adaptable so that it could be used to test a full range of LED products and test each unit using multiple AC/DC power supplies. The system needed to be capable of testing light levels, voltage/current tolerances and perform flash testing, all whilst keeping test time to a minimum and efficiency high.

The engineering challenge was to develop a generic system that was able to test a full range of products. This was overcome by the use of multiple product carriers along with an object-oriented architecture allowing for future expandability and maintenance of the bespoke system.

The solution was designed so that the product to be tested is placed in a drawer where specially designed, air driven probe blocks (two at the back and one underneath) are positioned to make the required physical connections, successfully testing and quality checking each product before shipping.



The testing unit was successfully delivered and stands at over six feet tall. The unit is fully equipped to test a full range of products without the need for adjustments by simply placing the product into the testing platform drawer. The system tests each product at a high degree of accuracy at peak efficiency; it also has the benefit of being fully scalable for future projects.

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