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The TBG Team

Meet the Team


Paul Rawlinson ,  Managing Director

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Paul is the founder of TBG. He has overall responsibility for operations and is the driving force behind the business with a well-established and unrivalled wealth of knowledge and skills across every aspect of test and automation engineering. As an intern application engineer, Paul worked for National Instruments supporting its UK customer base. In 2001, after finishing his BEng (Hons) degree, he founded TBG and has since grown a successful global business, delivering bespoke automated production test and measurement solutions, system maintenance, and customer training and support. Paul also holds an MBA and has been appointed by the Royal academy of engineering a visiting professor to the University of Manchester where he champions entrepreneurship and employability.


Ian Gray ,  Manufacturing Director

tbg solutions staff, tbg solutions , about tbg

Ian joined TBG Solutions in 2007 to support the business’ growth and migration into providing bespoke test solutions hardware. With a background in mechanical design and production engineering, Ian set up the manufacturing area at TBG. Ian has a strong background in PCB Assembly and bespoke test solutions manufacturing and repair. He brings to the company a wealth of experience, technical ability, motivation and excellent customer facing support.


Steve Bale ,  Engineering Director

tbg solutions staff, tbg solutions , about tbg

Steve Bale is a software engineer with a wide spectrum of experience with ATE and control systems. Steve obtained a degree in software engineering from Sheffield Hallam University. He has since worked writing software for test, measurement and control within military, aerospace, medical and manufacturing industries. He is one of a handful of people worldwide to have achieved the status of both National Instruments (NI) Certified LabVIEW™ Architect and NI Certified TestStand™ Architect.


Neil Roddis ,  Research and Development Manager

tbg solutions staff, tbg solutions , about tbg

Neil Roddis is a chartered electrical engineer with over 30 years’ experience in engineering development projects. He manages a team of R & D engineers (qualified up to PhD level) on a diverse range of projects covering medical, marine and energy supply applications. Neil previously worked in military electronics and satellite communications systems development (UK and France), and was part of the international engineering management team for the multi-billion Euro Square Kilometre Array radio astronomy project.


Paul Hammock ,  Service and Maintenance Manager

tbg solutions staff, tbg solutions , about tbg

Paul is Service and Support Manager for TBG. He is responsible for ensuring that every customer receives the same level of communication, service and support once a solution has been delivered. Paul has been in the service and support industry for 20 years; he understands the importance of good communication and ensures productivity is maximised at all times via speedy response times to customer concerns.


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