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TBG Solutions, test control measurement solutions

About TBG Solutions

TBG is a national UK test, measurement and control business. We work with customers to understand their requirements and, on identifying the principle challenges, engineer robust solutions that combine hardware and software. We have delivered over 300 successful projects over the past 15 years and maximised the use of technology to meet our customers’ ever changing demands.

Over the last few years we have become an integral part to some of the most successful engineering projects, solving mission critical problems to help our customers to deliver products and services. With a large engineering team, it is the skill and experience of our people that enables us to deliver test engineering excellence.

Customers come to us to provide bespoke solutions to complex engineering problems. Our skill and experience enables us to meet these challenges. Our partnerships with National Instruments, Keysight, Pickering, Goepel, Aerotech and MAC Panel allow us to bring together the perfect partners to deliver complete hardware and software solutions.

With over 300 test, measurement and control projects delivered we have the confidence and the skill  to  meet  any  challenge  you  may  have  within  your  business.  Why  not  put  us  to  the  test? Contact us with details of your project and allow us to show you what we are capable of.


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