Generic Automated Test Equipment System (GATE)

The Generic Automated Test Equipment (GATE) from TBG is a concept developed from years of experience in test, measurement and manufacturing. Recognising that product ranges change over time, TBG developed GATE. GATE bridges the gap between the requirement for functional testing and the development of new products with a cost-effective, valuable functional test solution.

Functional test and boundary scan are available using GATE to test your assets using powerful, reusable/reconfigurable NI PXI hardware. Coupled with an Interchangeable Test Adaptor (ITA) for product connectivity, TBG provide a multi-faceted test facility.


A reliable, robust MAC Panel SCOUT interface is used to provide signal routing from GATE to the product through the ITA, capable of carrying custom electronics for your application. Utilising your existing instrumentation is also possible with support for legacy hardware providing a quick return of investment and lowered total ownership costs.

Expandable to meet future applications, a modular development approach allows for easy maintenance, streamlined upgrades and capacity for future improvements. This development strategy has also been employed when considering the software. A modular software approach allows for a plug-in architecture ensuring your application can be catered for.

A self-test and calibration routine is provided to determine limits fall within specification. A manual control interface is also provided allowing full system control. The system, comprising high speed digital, analog data acquisition, FPGA and numerous communication options, caters for the test of multiple products. Test sequences are developed for each product so you can test as much or as little as you like.

TBG software allows for Access Control Lists ensuring operators access the revelant products to safeguard sensitive applications and protect hardware assets. Multiple user groups can be created so you can be assured of your product range safety while testing.

EmptyPXI PXIWithRails ITARail PXIWithITARail DAK DAKClear DAKLive PXIWithCard PXIWithCardTop PXIWithCards ITA PXIWithITA

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