TBG Application Manager (TAM)

The TBG Application Manager (TAM) provides a software interface to your test system. Identical to standard Windows applications, TAM is a LabVIEW™ driven product to provide a familiar, standardised operator interface to your equipment.


Developed with production sites in mind, TAM has a number of features allowing full and controlled access to systems. Certain products have tolerances and in some instances these tolerances are exceeded leaving products in a damaged or unusable state creating additional project costs.

TAM provides access control through an implemented user management system. Numerous user groups can be created ensuring products are only tested by relevantly trained operators. All in all, this helps to minimise the risk of damage and costs associated with product repair or replacement.

With TAM, you can launch any file type supported by the Windows host where TAM is executed. Through our interface, using Windows user accounts, TAM provides the solution to restricting access to the Windows installation. This ensures the system and security of your test station can only be modified by users with elevated privileges.

Managing existing application upgrades and new applications becomes easier with the Plug’N’Play functionality TAM provides. Files and applications that need to be executed and opened as product reference can all reside centrally on your system so you have one store, one interface for your test system.

TAM is capable of storing data with regard to the calibration life-cycle of your test equipment. A simple traffic light system is employed to show the calibration status of your system helping you to maintain and optimise your system at each available turn.



If source control is an issue, a central Administrative Control Utility to ensure executed applications are approved by Product Management teams. Snapshots are taken containing checksum data formed using irreversible hashing algorithms. This ensures only approved application versions are used in conjunction with your product, giving you the traceability from testing through to manufacture.

With an extensible toolkit available with TAM, TAM handles event tracking so you have full overview of the events logged by your system. With a customised development of the Windows Event Log, you can see exactly what has been run, and when giving you control over production when and where you need it the most.

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