Ethernet To USB

The Ethernet To USB adaptor from TBG allows you to host USB devices on standard Ethernet networks. This product enables the user to support a vast array of devices over existing network infrastructures from remote locations.

Backwards compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, a converter handles streaming of the popular USB protocol to the widely used TCP format. Reading and writing data from existing networks is possible as our product converts both ways ensuring your USB devices are fully utilised.

Provided with an access controlled web configuration utility, the device supports both static and dynamic addresses to fit seamlessly into existing environments.


As an OEM product, TBG are able to provide an integration service for your devices allowing you to deploy your USB devices successfully in the shortest time possible. Leveraging the variety of USB devices provides increased uses to meet your needs when combined with existing structures.

TCP Stream

Sharing USB devices has previously been problematic for sensory solutions with the necessity for a host controller. With the Ethernet To USB adaptor, sensors can be used to monitor systems from remote sites in foreign countries.

Sensory networks can be designed enabling you to monitor remotely with the ease and efficiency of USB Plug'N'Play. Combining the variety of devices, ease of deployment, potential gains and the Ethernet To USB adaptor ensure this is a viable, cost-efficient solution to meet your needs.


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